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The Brand

Our brand represents what we do. Each element was crafted with detail and intention, seeking to both convey the heart of our organization while honoring the women we serve.

Logo aspects-18.png

The plant

At our core we believe in growth. 

Our aim is to increase growth opportunities for the women of Her Mighty Hands through growing crops and growing community, ultimately increasing capacity to pursue other growing opportunities like better healthcare and education.

Our green plant is indicative of the multi-faceted growth opportunities we seek to provide, all thanks to a strong root system.

The sunrise

We believe in the promise of a better future. We envision a world without hunger, achieved through women empowerment and better education opportunities for the women of Her Mighty Hands and for generations to come.

Our sunrise and horizon is indicative of the resiliency of our women and the dawn of a new day and new future for the women of Her Mighty Hands: a future of better healthcare, equal education opportunities, new agricultural technology, and a renewed dedication to women's rights.



The color scheme

watermark logo-11.png




Here For Growth


Ugandan Sunrise

The final product

Combining elements of purple to symbolize women's empowerment and green to symbolize growth, we present

Her Mighty Hands. 

We are confident that together, we can achieve a better future for all.



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