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Her Mighty Hands

Empowering women farmers in Uganda

Our mission

Connect women subsistence farmers to technology and knowledge which empower them to advance their agricultural business; enabling them to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and communities.

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All Videos

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15 million Ugandans will go to bed hungry today.

Rural Ugandan families face a vicious cycle of poverty and hunger from 

  • rising climate

  • poor agricultural practices

  • high poverty

  • lack of resources



Women face even greater challenges as they are the primary farmer and family caregiver, with virtually no rights. Her Mighty Hands is seeking to change that narrative. 


Women In Uganda aren't as agriculturally productive as they could be, which led to the genesis of our agricultural training video pilot program. In just one year, the program yielded positive results.

Women with smartphones earned 6.8 times
more than their counterparts.

Average income per acres planted from post-harvest sales in USD.

Women with smartphones were food secure for 88%
longer than their counterparts. 

Average months food secure


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